Neurodiversity Education Research Center
Neurodiversity Education Research Center

Dedicated Team

Science Prep Academy is made up of teachers and staff who are passionate about supporting students in their journey through our middle and high school. We support students with a custom curriculum that serves as a model for schools around the country. Teachers and staff develop confident, critical thinking, articulate, sensitive, and aware students with a strong sense of self-worth by creating an atmosphere for academic, social, and emotional growth.

Denise Amiot​

Campus Director​

Cintya Arcos​

Program Assistant ​

Josh Burnett​

Physical Education Instructor & Success Coach​

Jessica Strouth​

STEM Curriculum Chair & Instructor​

Exie Weathers​

Vocational Success Career-Coach

David Moore

Math & STEM Instructor

Adleen Toloumu

English Language Arts Instructor

Morgan Mathis-Smythe

Vocational Program Coordinator